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 Castleton, Derbyshire.  Sunday 27th September 2020

Castleton  village...

Castleton has long been one of our favourite places with an unlimited choice of excellent walks for all levels. It is particularly disappointing therefore, to have to put this area 'on hold' and hopefully arrange a revisit in better times.


Since 2007 we have visited Castleton on four occasions and enjoyed some memorable walking. Way back in November 2007 our leaders were Mildred Scott, John Allen and Brian Oakley and since then a variety of leaders have offered spectacular walks around the area. We shall miss Castleton this year, but we will be back!

Castleton is an outstandingly pretty village situated at the head of the lovely Vale of Hope in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District. It is surrounded on three sides by steep hills, and the mighty bulk of the 'Shivering Mountain', Mam Tor, looms two miles to the North West of the village. On a nearby hill, is the ancient Peveril Castle. There are four underground caverns just outside the village, each with their own individual features.

 The Caverns  ...

The Blue John and Treak Cliff caverns contain the pretty blue and yellow fluorspar called Blue John. It was first mined at Treak Cliff and by 1770, 16 mines were extracting the mineral and selling it to local firms who turned it into ornaments, vases, clock frames and jewellery. Blue John is only found in this area of Britain.

Peak Cavern is the source of the village river, 'Peakhole Water' and is the only cavern that has to be closed in Winter due to flooding. The 'show cave' is part of a much larger cave system which attracts 'cavers' from all over the world.

Speedwell Cavern is special, since the main workings and its 'bottomless pit' can only be reached by boat along an underground tunnel.


Peveril Castle  ....

The imposing ruins of this 11th century castle stand high above the village. It is one of England's earliest Norman fortresses, the relatively well-preserved keep being built by Henry II in 1176. After the end of the Tudor period the castle fell into disuse until what still remained was restored in the 20th Century.

Castleton would not have existed had it not been for Peveril Castle. Today the castle is in the care of English Heritage and is well worth a visit.


Not very far away ..

Winnats Pass

This limestone gorge just outside Castleton was created by melting glaciers wearing away the rock. The original pass winds through a cleft, surrounded by high limestone ridges. At the foot of the pass is the entrance to the old flooded lead mine, Speedwell Cavern.

Mam Tor

The huge mass of Mam Tor or 'Mother Hill', looms above the village at almost 1700 feet high, providing spectacular views of the surrounding area. Other well known landmarks , such as Hollins Cross, Back Tor and Lose Hill can be seen along the Great Ridge which separates Castleton and Edale.  




From the Archives  .........  with thanks to Jean Jenkinson.


 'C' Group at Castleton - 4th November 2007!! . A very 'young' Andrew on the left.


 Castleton  - Sue Barlow's 'C' walk. 30th November 2014

 As above - Sue leads the way - slightly ahead!


 Bob Punt at Winnats Pass - 24th April 2016




















Freda makes a speech on the 'B' walk - 24th April 2016 . George looks as though he has heard it before!!











 Returning from the 'A' walk - 24th April 2016 . Note Alan's smart hair cut !!

On the image below Gavin thinks he is still going up Mam Tor!!