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Hutton-le-Hole. North Yorkshire.  Sunday 16th August 2020

We have had two visits to this area over the last 10 years, in 2011 and 2017. This is a wonderful area for walking with much to offer, particularly in August and September when the heather on the moors is at its best.

Hutton-le-Hole is full of character and the nearby villages of Lastingham and Rosedale are both set in beautiful surroundings.

Both previous visits will have pleasant memories for most of our members, although the 'climb' out of Rosedale on Barry Osborne's 'B' Walk in 2017, was a bit of a grind and entirely unexpected since Barry had claimed his walk was fairly flat!!

Corinne's broken ankle on the same outing will hardly be something she will look back on with fond memories, although those walking with her would no doubt find the arrival of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter very interesting. However, despite these unusual events this part of North Yorkshire will be on our list of favorite locations.

I can only recall a couple of other occasions when we have found it necessary to call out  the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, both before I began walking regularly with the group. I remember Millicent Wood telling me of the time she was taken ill and needed their services and the other occasion was when Alan Taylor - another Alan who hasn't walked with us for quite a while - had a bad fall and the helicopter was required. We are very fortunate to have these emergency services on call for the rare occasions we need them and hence our determination to make annual donations to YAA and to The Edale Mountain Rescue Teams.


A few snippets of Information ..........

  • Hutton-le -Hole Is a small village in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, 7 miles north-west of Pickering. It is within the North York Moors National Park.
  • The name Hutton-le-Hole means ... " the place of the burial ground near the hollow".
  • The village folk museum contains historic buildings, including an Iron Age 'round house', period shops, thatched cottages, an Elizabethan Manor House, barns and workshops. There is also a café and a craft shop. Well worth a visit..... eventually!!
  • Hutton Beck passes through the village, criss-crossed by footpaths and wooden bridges, before flowing into the River Rye and on to the River Severn.
  • The nearby village of Rosedale is probably best known for its Cistercian Priory which was dismantled during the 1850's mining boom and the stone used to build the church which exists on the site today.
  • The discovery of iron ore in the area around the 1850's led to a huge expansion of the population when as many as 5,000 miners lived there until the closure of the mines during the 1920's.


 From the Archives  ....  













  John Allen...  " I'm pretty sure we are about here". Des Binns .." I think we're lost"!!   Recce - August 2011. 















Dennis on the Hutton-le-Hole recce, near Rosedale, August 2011 

                  George Gatt having an early snack as we crossed the moor to Rosedale. October 2017.                     

Steep descent into Rosedale - hence the steep ascent later out of the village!! The leader tried  to cover

this up by following a different route. He failed !!    October 2017.