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            Bakewell, Derbyshire, 20th January, 2019

'A' Walk -Distance -10.5 miles. Leaders - Maureen Dransfield & Barbara Morris. Grade - moderate.  

  Asc.- 2000 ft.

A demanding but rewarding outing that takes in the high ground on both River Wye in BakewellRiver Wye in Bakewellsides of the Wye Valley west of Bakewell.

Our route climbs steadily out of Bakewell through hillside pastures and along quiet lanes. We have a short area of difficult descent through woodlands which may benefit from the use of poles.

The walk includes various levels of undulation along with a steep climb to a high level above Monsal Dale .

Your hard work  is rewarded by expansive views of the Dale.

'B' Walk - Distance - 7.5 miles.   Leader -  Dana Carter. Grade - moderate     Ascent - 850 feet.

This  is  a  lovely  scenic  walk  with  mostly  good paths or field  walking  and few stiles.  Having  said that I can’t promise it  will  Haddon HallHaddon Hallbe totally  mud free, it  is  January  after  all.

We start at  the  padlock  footbridge in the popular market  town  of  Bakewell. Heading south  we cross  Haddon  Road  with  care,  continuing  south  onto Intake lane.  We now  have  a  steady ascent (most of  the climb is  on  this  stretch of  the  walk)  turning first left and then  right  when  we come to a  road.  We walk a  short  distance along the  road  before branching  left onto  a  footpath  across  the fields  to  Over Haddon,  where we  shall  take our  well  deserved  coffee  break.

 We walk  through the  village,  stopping  at  the  PC’s,  before dropping down  into the beautiful  Lathkill  Dale  and  heading east to Conksbury  Bridge  which  we  cross  and continue  on  the opposite bank . At Raper  Lodge  we turn  left, and  a little further  on  we  will take our lunch break  at  a  very  pretty  bridge  -  where we  were  joined  by  a friendly  robin.  

After lunch  we  have a  short  steep climb out  of  the  valley before heading  across  fields  with  wonderful  views  across  to the  medieval  manor house  of Haddon  Hall  which has  belonged to  the  direct descendants  of  the present  Duke for 800  years. 

On reaching the  A6  we turn  left and after a few  yards  take a  footpath  on  the  right  down  to  the river. The  path  here  is  single file  and can be a  little  tricky  so  watch  your steps.  After a short spell on the Monsal Trail we head back down into Bakewell.

 'C' Walk - Distance - 5.2 miles.   Leader - Richard Bennett.   Grade - moderate.  Ascent - 504 feet.

Bakewell is a lovely little town in Derbyshire with quaint little shops and café’s to tempt you in, but it is the walking we are interested in today.

We start from the Agricultural Centre and have arranged for our usual refreshments at the Byway café. Public toilets are on the way at a cost of 20p if required.

Bakewell ChurchBakewell ChurchAfter refreshments we soon join the Monsal TraiL, heading out of town towards Haddon Hall; although there is a short incline the journey is mostly flat and of a good quality. After crossing Haddon Road we head up to the fields and on towards the river Lathkill.  There are plenty of sheep to talk to if you wish. Places to stop for lunch are limited so bring something suitable to sit on e.g.  Blanket/ground sheet and we can stop next to a wall when it’s time.

The walk then turns back towards Bakewell with a little road walking on Back Lane which has no footpaths so extra care must be taken. We pass Noton Barn and turn right to follow the public footpath across the fields and onto Intake Lane leading to Haddon Road. Once again taking care we cross the road and follow the narrow footpath through the estate and over the cricket field back to the Agricultural Centre.

Views of Bakewell and Haddon Hall can be seen on a clear day and you will be pleased to know there are only two stiles of note, the rest are gates.


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