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              Brantingham & Welton, East Riding of Yorkshire, 26th May, 2019

'A' Walk -Distance -11.62 miles. Leader - Dennis Neal. Grade - moderate.   Ascent.- 1600 feet.

This is a linear walk starting in South Cave at Little Wold Lane and finishing at the Triton Inn in Brantingham. The 'A' party will be dropped off first.

Elloughton DaleElloughton DaleWe start today's walk by following the Yorkshire Wolds Way south eastwards, via Mount Airy Farm, Woodale Plantation and Ellerker Wold, to the Church of All Saints on the outskirts of the popular East Yorkshire village of Brantingham. From here we take a quiet road out of the village to join a good track heading for Turtle Hill, Braffords Clump and Wauldby Scrogs which eventually leads to Wauldby Manor Farm. There are some excellent views of the River Humber to the right on this section. Shortly after the farm with its superb 'dam', which is visible through the trees but not accessible, we follow the path alongside Welton Dale which will take us down into Welton village for our lunch stop at the excellent, very friendly, Green Dragon pub.

After the break we follow the Wolds Way northwards, this time up the dale itself, as far as the  Raikes Mausoleum, built in the early 19th Century by the Hull banker Robert Raikes. We continue eastwards on the Yorkshire Wolds Way via the High Hunsley Circuit, heading for Elloughton Dale, then South Wold Plantation into Brantingham to the Triton Inn for refreshment.

Yet another superb walk, this time in the wonderful Yorkshire Wolds.

 'B' Walk - Distance - 9 miles. Leaders - Elaine,Isobel & Jean. Grade - moderate.. Ascent - 1073feet.

Today's walk in the Yorkshire Wolds involves some ups and downs on tracks though woods and along  quiet roads. It can be muddy in places after rain.

We begin in the picturesque village of Brantingham and head upwards along Spout Hill towards Long Plantation where we join the Yorkshire Wolds Way. This first section of the walk involves a steady climb before it levels out alongside Bottom Plantation, a narrow copse just before our turning point at Turtle Hill. South WoldSouth WoldHere we walk due South along a quiet lane to Wauldby Manor Farm with its distinctive pond/dam, turning down alongside the edge of the woodland which leads into Welton village where we will have lunch on the village green and almost certainly a drink at the Green Dragon Inn.

After lunch we continue along the Wolds Way, retracing our steps, but this time northwards through the centre of the dale until the path turns West to join the High Hunsley Circuit. After passing the Riding Centre we walk through woodland into Elloughton Dale where we have extensive views of the River Humber to the left. After a gradual descent we join the Beverley 20 long distance footpath with Brantingham in our sights. Just when you think it's all over, your spirits will be slightly deflated when you begin another ascent this time into South Wold Plantation. However, this stretch of woodland is such a delight that you will not even notice that you are walking uphill.....again. But you are in the Wolds!!

Emerging towards the bottom of Spout Hill, which you grumbled about earlier in the day, there is short final descent into Brantingham for well-earned drinks at the Triton Inn.

This is a lovely, varied walk in this delightful area.

 'C' Walk - Distance - 6.4 miles. Leader - Tony Marsh. Grade - moderate.  Ascent - 650 ft.

Finding a suitable 'C' Walk starting and finishing in Brantingham proved to be difficult with absolutely no facilities nearby for either morning drinks or toilets. So, after much deliberation looking at maps and trying different options our walk will start and finish in the nearby village of Welton.

Wauldby DamWauldby DamThe coach will take the 'A' Group to South Cave where they will do a linear walk finishing in Brantingham and drop the 'B' Group at Brantingham for their circular walk. Our group will be taken to Welton which is just down the road, where the manager at the Green Dragon Inn has kindly agreed to provide drinks and refreshments (toasted teacakes and bacon sandwiches to order).  Most importantly we will also have access to their toilet facilities. The coach will stay in Welton for our return before collecting the others in Brantingham at the Triton Inn.

We leave the village taking a fairly steep, but quiet road, in the direction of Brantingham, turning northwards into South Wold Plantation, a lovely open woodland, which leads on to Spout Hill to the north of Brantingham. Another steady ascent on this quiet road leads to more level ground with excellent views of the River Humber to our left.  You almost think you are on the coast!  We soon turn to walk past Wauldby Manor Farm, a delightful, elegant farm nestling beautifully in the hillside which also has its own small man-made dam which we can see as we approach our descent into Welton Dale. An excellent track through the centre of the dale leads directly back into Welton for further refreshments at the Green Dragon.

This is a lovely walk in typical Wolds countryside. Slightly longer than some walks at 6.4 miles with a few ups and downs, but all along excellent, well-signposted footpaths, quiet roads and tracks ...and NO STILES WHATSOEVER.

Difficult not to enjoy this one!

Green Dragon in Welton

Dick Turpin the famous 18th Century highwayman initially may have followed his father's trade as a butcher but he soon became involved with a gang of deer thieves and later became a poacher, burglar, horse thief and killer. Many of the stories associated with his name have been romantacized so we are far from certain as to their authenticity. Was he actually arrested at the Green Dragon in Welton - or was it pure speculation and hearsay? Who knows?


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