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Isabel Ashcroft

Local walks, shopping, occasionally called to work at M & S Food Hall.

Richard Bennett

Key worker.

Sue Brough

Battling the queues at Asda, cleaning, gardening, contemplating  giving herself a haircut.

Elaine Cropley

Gardening, selective shopping, watching films.

Maureen Dransfield

Looking forward to being a Grandma, daily walking locally.

Jenny Gosling

Shielding herself at home, gardening, on-line choral singing, trying to book a Tesco on-line shopping delivery, eventually with success !

Andy & Colin Head

Exploring local walks.

Brenda Hickman

Making soup and chutney, Spring cleaning kitchen cupboards, exercising with weights, gardening, crosswords, polywords, sodukos and other puzzles including one devised by Alan T., cutting Clive’s hair, reading, organising on line shopping, long telephone conversations with family, baking a sponge cake, altering new pairs of trousers, cleaning car windows, making a blueberry, lemon and rhubarb crumble, participating in weekend family video-conference quizzes hosted by grandaughter Molly.

Clive Hickman

Crosswords, codewords and sodukos and other puzzles including one devisd by Alan T., exercise indoor and outdoor, photographing flowers, e-mailing Club members, updating and managing the Club web-site, reading, help with gardening, washing & on-line shopping, Spring cleaning kitchen drawers, having his hair cut, exchanging domestic news with Tony, Alan T. and others, washing car, participating in weekend family video-conference quizzes hosted by grandaughter Molly.

Mavis Holmes

Local walks, shopping, looking after Key Worker.

Jean Jenkinson

Gardening, household chores.

Kay Kenyon

Gardening, painting fence, housework, daily walk along canal, phone chats with friends.

Janet Ledgard

Looking after Mum, local walks, gardening, shopping, keeping in touch with family.

Cynthia Lovejoy

Gardening, washing up (wants a dishwasher), local walks to Miller Dam, Tickhill, organising deliveries of food.

Doreen Marsh

Gardening, cooking, making soup, in regular contact with fellow members, watching Tony's hair grow, walking fifteen laps of the garden, but not at the same time as Tony.

Tony Marsh

Washing up, reading history books, telephoning senior members, updating and managing the Club web-site, gardening, physiotherapy exercises, growing his hair, exchanging news with Clive, repairing garden tool, walking fifteen laps of the garden, but not at the same time as Doreen.

Dennis Neal

Shielding himself at home, cleaning kitchen cupboards and disposing of antique tins of baked beans.

Lorraine Neep

Spring cleaning kitchen cupboards.

Diane Nelson

Organising her day, shopping, housework, gardening - growing fruit and vegetables, reading, local field walks, talking to dog walkers at distance, talking to neighbours, code word and soduko puzzles, sewing and knitting.

Barry Osborne

Local walks, gardening, growing his hair.

Terry Perkins

Car restoration, shopping, household chores, hanging out the washing.

John Sanderson

Buying a bomb proof, water proof, Will-Not-Get-Me-Lost super de luxe GPS on line, in readiness to train as a Walk Leader.

Jean Silcock

Decorating, knitting, reading and jigsaws.

Alan Taylor

Searching for motivation to paint the house, listening to music, collecting food orders from Tesco ‘Click & Collect’ at Scunthorpe, booking another Tesco Scunthorpe slot, e-mailing training tips to volunteer Walk Leaders, exchanging domestic news and IT tips with Clive, restoring patio furniture, compiling home-made word puzzles, growing his hair, occasionally undertaking a 'C' walk to Sainsbury's and back, procuring a delivery of real ale.

Jane Taylor

Caring and looking after Mum, keeping Alan in order, health advice to the whole family, local shopping, watching Alan's hair grow, and a million more things !  Occasionally undertaking a 'C' walk to Sainsbury's and back.

Anne Whitworth

Marooned on her sun-drenched balcony in Tenerife.

Freda Wilde

Reading, gardening, local walking, and shopping.