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 9 April 1939:  Francis Burt Stephens and Edward Burt Stephens of Holmfirth were both killed in Borrowdale. Both stretcher runners were broken (cost £3.0.0 to replace).  Was this because both were carried on the same stretcher?

24th April 1946:  A 21-hour rescue of Wilfred Noyce with a fractured femur on the Shark's Fin, Tophet Wall, Great Gable.  Local farmer was reported as saying, “They were less trouble when they were dead”.

20 July 1948:  Wast Water Screes: The Team was called upon to rescue a Miss M Cunningham (83) from the screes.  Miss Cunningham had, however, been assisted by 2 climbers (Sid Cross & Albert Hargreaves), and was in a favourable position by the time the members of the Team arrived.  She had been out all night, propped up by her walking stick.

6 June 1957: Castle Crag:  Report of a man (50 yrs) wandering about in a distressed condition and acting in an abnormal way.  He tried to avoid the rescuers and all but slipped over the edge of the crag being saved by a small tree.  Secured and lashed to the stretcher before he could do anything more violent.  Later in the week he died from acute mania.

10 June 1963: Helvellyn:  Walker injured leg when jumping over a rock when wearing plimsolls.

1 August 1965: Borrowdale:  Search for 2 policemen.   Found on campsite.

13 August 1968: Helvellyn :  Search for missing boy hosteller who had become separated from his companions in thick mist.  Found at Grasmere YH having spent the previous night in Keswick YH.

9 April 1970: Great Gable:   Man with umbrella found sheltering in a snow drift in a blizzard.

29 October 1970: Cat Bells: Woman (58 yrs) tripped over her dog's lead while admiring the view.  Wearing Wellington boots, she broke her tibia and fibula.

2 April 1972: Lining CragBoy (14 yrs) lost from school party on walk from Borrowdale to Grasmere.  He had no waterproofs and had not eaten breakfast.   Weather poor.   

Boy found at youth hostel with member of staff !!

 29 December 1973: Elterwater:   Man and woman (28 yrs) missing overnight in bad weather using   a map on a postcard.  Turned up safely in Wasdale the next day.

 30 March 1985: Blencathra:  Report by walker of orange cagoule or sleeping bag seen with arm sticking out.  Investigations found an old poly bag.

23 June 1985: FALCON Crag:  Woman slipped on wet ground and broke an ankle descending whilst watching peregrine FALCONS.

25 June 1991: Longthwaite:   Boy (11 yrs) in school party fell while bouldering.  He injured his ankle. Team members recovered him into the Land Rover just ahead of a very large bull!!

7 September 1992: Honister Pass: Venture Scouts reported overdue on the Coast to Coast route were found by Team Search Dogs minus bikes in two groups, cold and wet, suffering from mild hypothermia.  Four of them were in one bivvy bag !!