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You’ll see from the images below that the brood of white fluffy, vulnerable cygnets that were so dependant on Mum in the Spring, closely mirroring her every move, has now developed into a gathering of juvenile swans, far more independent, not quite fully fledged yet but well on their way to leaving home as young adults.  The entire brood of seven has survived, and in fact been followed by another from a second mating pair.

Each cygnet has now been ringed although some clearly see this foreign object as an irritant, trying to yank it off with their beak.  Apparently the cygnets stay with the cob and pen for four to five months and are then usually driven off the breeding territory as soon as their plumage turns predominantly white, during late autumn or winter.

It has been wonderful that they’ve allowed us to observe their progress.

The final three images were a bonus from a visiting heron, happy to pose !

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